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A robust course for HVAC Engineers with sufficient depth in a specific area of onshore/offshore oil & gas, Hydrocarbon sector to solve complex real world engineering problem and to understand engineering trade-off and contribute effectively in multi-disciplinary project with in formed decision making.

About the training

The objective of the course is to provide the candidates the detail knowledge and skills in HVAC Design discipline to facilitate faster learning curves while on the job.

This course designed to provide knowledge and skill in this discipline of HVAC Engineering or oil & gas sector. This course will cover the fundamental principles and concepts used in offshore/onshore oil & Gas Hydrocarbon sector. Upon Completion of this course, students will have a clear understanding of the design principles used in HVAC Design for Oil & Gas Energy Sector.

The objective of this course is o provide delegates the detail knowledge and skills into design, engineering, construction, Commissioning operation and maintenance in the filed of HVAC engineering for oil & Energy Sector.

Courses Content :

  • Introduction to Upstream & Downstream activities
  • Types of Oil & Gas Ring
  • Types of Other Offshore Floating Structures various HVAC Oil & Gas Terminologies
  • Purpose of Oil & Gas Rigs
  • Introduction to Offshore Living Quarters
  • Introduction to Machinery Room Area
  • Introduction to HVAC Metallurgy For offshore
  • Scope of safety in HVAC
  • Role of Operation & maintenance of HVAC in Oil & Gas sector
  • Introduction to Zones
  • Zone Classification and importance of HVAC in oil & Gas sector
  • Hazardous Ares Classification for offshore
  • HVAC Zone classification based on occupancy
  • Types of Onshore structure 
  • Difference between Onshore and offshore structures
  • Typical HVAC examples of offshore structures
  • Various HVAC Equipment
  • HVAC Work now Nature of HVAC Design
  • HVAC Design Procom Stages
  • Rolls and responsibility of HVAC Engineers
  • Stakeholders in HVAC – Oil & Gas Project
  • Heat load calculations for oil & Gas buildings
  • HVAC piping & Instrument Diagram(P&ID)
  • HVAC Ducting and Instrument Diagram (D&ID)
  • Utility Flow diagram (UFD)
  • Single Line airflow diagram
  • Sectional Diagrams
  • Plant room detailed diagram
  • HVAC Block Diagram
  • Technical feasibility study VDRL (Vendor Document requirement List)
  • HVAC Fire & Gas Block Diagram HVAC
  • Sequencing Operation and Maintenance philosophy
  • Technical Specifications
  • Technical data sheet formats
  • Static pressure Calculations
  • HVAC Pump head Calculations
  • Copper pipe Sizing Calculations
  • HVAC Valves Selections
  • Schematic Chilled water circuit for HVAC Oil & GAS
  • Schematic refrigerant Circuit diagram

Introduction To oil And Gas Industry & Epc  Contracts:

  • General Industry overview and basic concepts
  • Oil and gas prospecting(exploration)
  • Oil and gas production facilities
  • What is an EPC contract
  • The tender & procurement process
  • The scope of works

HVAC Equipment types and Selections:

  • Chillers
  • AHUS
  • FCUS
  • Packaged Units
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Tube Axial Fans
  • Centrifugal Fans

HVAC System Commission-Oil & Gas:

  • Consideration for HVAC
  • Various Checklists
  • Installation Checklists
  • Per-commissioning Checklists – commissioning Check-list
  • Air balancing method – Water balancing methods
  • Final testing procedures – Duct leak test procedure
  • Hydraulic test Procedure – Refrigerant gas charging system
  • Refrigerant leak test detection – Vibration detection and remedies
  • Various tools required for commissioning

Third party classifications

  • Introduction to classifications
  • Importance
  • Types of Classifications
  • ISO, DNVGL, BV, ABS, RINA, etc.
  • Introduction to SOLAS, ISO, NORSOK Guidelines
  • Importance of penetrations
  • Ducts, pipes, MCTS Penetrations
  • Class role pertaining to HVAC Fire safety classifications (A0/A60/H60/H120/Etc.)
  • Explosion proof Equipment and its relevance
  • Blast Resistant Dampers
  • Battery room ventilation & Calculations
  • Paint room Ventilation & Calculations
  • Various importance consideration for Class
Who can attend
  •   Working professional in HVAC turning
  •   All engineer skiing career in oil & gas
  •   Student of mechanical and electrical engineer
  •   Diploma holder in engineer
  •   All those willing to make career in oil & gas sector
Why to attend
  •   Lucrative job opportunity
  •   Work abroad
  •   Fast past career growth
  •   Learn from industry Leeder
  •   Word Class course content
What you get
  • Opportunity to work on live project
  •   Learn latest trend in industry
  •   Be future ready an employable
  •   100% job assistance
  •   QR coded certification
  •   Training by expert
How to attend
  •   Mode – live online session
  •   Batches – every weekend
  •   Duration - 6 month
  •   Seat opportunity – limited
  •   Downloadable content

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Meet the trainer

MR. Niraj Shukla has 22+ years of International professional experience in the HVAC sector and possesses a special interest and a High level of expertise in Marine, Hydro-Carbon, Oil & Gas Sectors. He believes in Training the HVAC professionals in practical aspects as per contemporary industry trends and making them employable to bridge the skill gap. The language of this book is purposefully kept simple for everyone to understand easily.

benifit of training

  • Be eligible for HVAC design Engineering jobs
  • Understand what & how aspects of HVAC design engineering
  • Support your start-up or your professional life with high hike 
  • Explore + Solve engineering problems using analytics tools & design software
  • Fill the void of untapped high-paying jobs in process design engineering
  • Improve curriculum vitae  with skill and professional development
  • Build a start-up in on of the most rewarding field of HVAC design engineering
  • Distinguish your professional profile from peer during job interviews and stand out of the box
  • Helps understand engineering procurement and construction (EPC) contracts

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